Cathy H., Mama of 4, Grandma of 12

Cathy H., Mama of 4, Grandma of 12

I wear the Rose Quartz Mamaste as a symbol of unconditional love.

For me, a tapestry is the ideal metaphor for motherhood. Each fabric square of various colors and textures represents the myriad of emotions of being a mother:  joy, sadness, pride, worry, delight, heart break, gratitude and everything in between.

The  thread that connects these pieces of fabric is the unconditional love and support that a mama and grandma provides her children and grandchildren throughout their lives.  The result is a beautiful tapestry of family.

I have been blessed to have four children and twelve grandchildren. What an amazing journey I have been on. 

Mamas, cherish being the “seamstress”of your tapestry.

My #MamaMantra: "Whether things are really amazing or really challenging, just wait five minutes."

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